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 Who are you?

I am Allan! I am 20-something, a number so vague you might assume it changes rather regularly. I am a dude in college, and plan on getting a degree in something I may or may not be good in! I have brown hair, hazel (or so I'm told) eyes, I wear glasses, and I wear a hat sometimes. And a red sweatshirt. (I will admit, I no longer wear these things normally, but I like to keep a certain uniformity to my comic for symbolism.)

What is this place?

This is the Extra page of the home of my webcomic which I eponyously entitled Allan! I post comic strips (or try to) which are journal things about me, my friends, and my family. Sometimes I do things about the internet and internet things, and other times I will do strips about dreams and stuff. Occasionally, even,
some strips don't even have pictures! Whoa.

Who are the other people in your comic?

Well there are a lot of people in my comic, but an incomplete list of a lot of the dudes can be found here. I am missing a lot of characters because I am lazy.

Do you falsify stuff in Allan?

I try not to, but I'm not perfect. That isn't to
say that I make up events, just that I can't get what everyone says 100% accurate 100% of the time. But I try my best.

What about names? Do you make up fake names for your "characters?"

I don't divulge names, but I try to keep everyone's first name similar. A first name tells a lot about a person, at least to me, so I like to keep those relative.

Do you make any other comics?

I do! I have made a month-long collaboration with a friend named Ryan Wilson called The 600 where we each made 300 comics in a month.

Did you design your own site?

I did!

Can you help me with HTML?

Probably not. HTML is hard to explain. Why not just google "HTML Tutorials" and work your own way out from there?

Can I give you a donation?


Can I make my own autobiography?

I do not own autobiographies (slash journal comics). I did not invent them! If you wanna make one, then go right ahead! However, I strongly suggest making sure yours is noticeably different from mine (I use black and white, vertical panels, narration and text bubbles in a certain writing style, etc.) so that people don't accuse you of being "just another Allan rip-off."

What got you started in webcomics?

A mixture of things, I suppose! I used to play a video game called EverQuest, which was really inspiring at the time. My old friend Rob introduced me to Ctrl+Alt+Del and another comic called Van Von Hunter. Those two comics combined taught me everything I needed to know about anime and copy+pasting to get my own offline webcomic off the ground! I drew my own offline webcomics (meaning I just showed my friends around school) for a good year or so before I decided to branch off into my own online endeavor. I picked an autobiographical comic because I had seen a couple others online and thought, "I could do this!" I also noticed a severe lack of autobiographical comics online, so I figured maybe I'd be somewhat original.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Life, mostly. Life is an amazing thing that a lot of people ignore because they are too busy looking at what has happened or what will happen. When you pay attention to the Now you really live life to the fullest!

I hear you make music...?

I do! Unfortunately I don't have a page dedicated to that just yet! It is currently under construction. However, if you'd like to see my YouTube page, you can view it here.

What future plans do you have for your comics?

I'm working on a lot of stuff, actually. I'd like to get a collection of my comics out into a printable book; I'd like to sell T-Shirts; I'd like to rule the internet. I have a lot of projects and hopefully, they will slowly become realized.

What do you really look like?

I will not post a picture of myself here, but I have posted some on numerous forums and in those forums' threads. If you look hard enough you might be able to find some!

What is your process for making comics?

I've got a 9 x 12 sketchbook in which all of my strips are drawn. Every page in the sketchbooks holds 2-3 days, and because they all are vertical, they all fit rather nicely. I draw Allan with no pencils - just straight ink on paper. There is no pre-thought for the dialogue either, I write it all as soon as I can think of it (this explains the occasional typos).

I used to use ballpoint pens (and sometimes I still do) because I had never owned any art pens, and didn't really want to buy expensive pens, but as of late I've been using Micron pens with 0.25mm tips, Staedtler pens ranging from 0.1 to 0.7, and Faber-Castell Artist Pens for thicker lines/dark, black areas in the strip.

After all the drawing and dialoguing is done, I scan it in on my scanner and fix it up a little in Photoshop. After that I size it down and upload it! Usually I'll have something to explain in the strip, which can always be found in the Author's Notes on the right.

All strips are drawn on that current day or that night, unless I have a future engagement I know I'm going to, and then I might do something about "my thoughts" or something that doesn't necessarily involve what I did during that particular day. I'll usually stop back and check up on the day's comic twice or thrice and occasionally respond to comments.

Can I e-mail you?

Abso-fruitly. I might take a few days to respond, though! You have a good chance of reaching me quickly at gmail, however:


Notice there are 3 L's.

Will you link to my comic?

I may just link to your comic! Shoot me a link sometime and I'll check it out! I have a very particular taste in webcomics nowadays, but if I like yours a lot I will be sure to link to it!

Can you keep it cool?

I will try my hardest for you.

...Oh yeah.





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